• “Tonight”

    16 x 20 inch canvas
    Multi media Collage Artwork
    By @justjenusart 
    Erotic art piece inspired by the wonderful event Friday Oct.22 “Grown & Sexy” 
    I wanted to tap into the energy of anticipation. I wanted a piece that showed raw sexual desire and balance required to enjoy. 
    What do you think when someone wants you tonight? How do you feel when you want to see that someone tonight?
    I found different images of sensuality I wanted to be apart of the art and began cutting. Cutting of the images was relaxing and stimulating. 
    Laying the images, assembling the overall scene, writing out wordplay that matched foreplay and watching it all come together. #ItsGeniusJustJenus
    This is an original piece for sale, please DM me or email for inquiry!
    #eroticart #lingerie #sex #kinkcommunity #sacredsensuality