“Apart of Freedom”
  • “Apart of Freedom”

    “Apart of Freedom?”
    Artwork 8 x 11 inch
    Red, White, Blue matte frame 16 x 20 inch
    One of the reasons I created this piece was to show how it feels to see July 4th as a traditional holiday for Black America
    To see a blatant celebration of justice and equality while black with knowledge it's like cutting your skin off
    2021 we are provided more examples and reasons to cut the flesh of America from our body
    Only the cameras are new
    Not the violence
    Not the system
    Not the ocean of emotions
    depression, angry, hopelessness are the ingredients of the nigger american apple pie
    Choose to eat it or not it was still be shoved down your throat
    Happy Juneteenth Part 2!
    #ItsGeniusJustJenus #blackamerica
    #blacklivesmatter #artivism
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