• "Adorned"




    16 × 20 inch canvas

    Pencil, Colored Markers, and Acrylic Paint
    $60.00 plus shipping

    Tribute to Toni Morrison!
    Inspired by the poem below!

    It Comes Unadorned
    It comes
    Like a phrase
    Strong enough to cast a spell;
    It comes
    Like the turn of sun through hills
    Or stars in wheels of song.
    The jeweled feet of women dance the earth.
    Arousing it to spring.
    Shoulders broad as a road bend to share the weight of years.
    Profiles breach the distance and lean
    Toward an ordinary kiss.
    It comes naked into the world like a charm.

    Toni Morrison, 1931–2019
    © 2002 Toni Morrison
    “It Comes Unadorned” from Five Poems

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