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The Sixth Day of Kwanzaa, December 31 (Kuumba means Creativity)


On the sixth day during Kwanzaa the black candle is lit, then the utmost left red, the extreme right green, the next red, the subsequent green and then the final red candle. This represents the 6th principle of Kwanzaa i.e. Kuumba (koo-OOM-bah) or Creativity.

The sixth day falls also on the New Years day and is a very special and momentous day for the African Americans. This is the day of Karamu or Kwanzaa feast. The spirit of celebration increases a lot when many of the family members invite their loved ones and friends.

To enhance the celebration mood, decorate the home with traditional Kwanzaa colors. The African American music at the background and traditional attires should match the Kwanzaa theme. Special holiday dishes are included in the celebration. Prepare fabulous and spicy dishes for the guests. Plays are performed, family members read out passage and poems which are related to the seven principles of Kwanzaa. A story teller enjoys the centre stage in the feast. The focus of the day should be on creativity. Try to show innovation and creativity in everything.

Present members remember their own ancestors while the Unity cup is shared. The candles are turned off after everyone enjoys the drink.

Tamshi La Tutaonana (TAM-shi la Tu-ta-u-NA-na) which was written by Dr. Karenga, the inventor of Kwanzaa, is read by the eldest member of those present before the conclusion of the Karamu ceremony. This is a farewell statement for the feast and the year.

Each and everyone conclude the Karamu saying "Harambee!" for seven times.

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