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The Seventh Day of Kwanzaa, January 1 (Imani - Faith)

On the seventh and last day of Kwanzaa, the black candle is lit, then the farthest left red, the utmost right green, the next red candle, the 2nd green candle at the right hand side of the black candle, the final red, then the last and final green candle. This represents the 7th Kwanzaa principle, Imani (ee-MAH-nee) or Faith.

As like any other days of Kwanzaa the principle of the day is discussed, the unity cup is shared and the candles are extinguished. This marks the end of Kwanzaa for the particular year.

As the festival is relatively new one, many families decide to celebrate the occasion in their own ways and pass on the tradition to the next generations as well.

Thanking https://www.theholidayspot.com/kwanzaa/sevendays.htm for the information and pictures. Learning about Kwanzaa each year and celebrating it more! I can't wait to celebrate Kwanzaa 2021 with the entire set up and think back to this post and where we were!

I would not be where I am now without FAITH - IMANI



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