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The Third Day of Kwanzaa, December 28 (Ujima) The Second Day of Kwanzaa, December 27 (Kujichagulia)


This is the time to emphasize on the 3rd principle of Kwanzaa, Ujima or Collective work and Responsibility. On the third day, the lighting of candles starts again with the black one, then the farthest left red one and them the utmost right green one are lit.

The family members who congregate discuss the meaning of the 3rd principle and share Unity cup. The candles are then extinguished.

To represent the second doctrine or principle the left most red candle is lit after the black one. This principle represents Kujichagulia (koo-jee-chah-goo-LEE-ah) or Self- Determination.

The process goes on in the same way. The person who lights the candle on 2nd day makes a statement which is related to the second principle. He or she also continues with a passage or a poem on that particular principle and explains how this doctrine is related to the meaning of their lives. The Unity cup is again shared between the members and the candles are extinguished.

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