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Black Excellence! A Star Trek Legacy!

In honor of Black History Month this event will kickoff our annual IDIC activities centering around the various cultural celebrations! For BHM we will pay homage to Star Trek's legacy of showcasing Black Excellence in it's story archs and imagery! We'll gather with Black trek fans who are artists, actors, scientists, and Star Trek Cosplayers who do charity, for a fun interactive weekend of panels and screenings! Hosted by:

USS Gerard Holder,(with support from) Starbase Centaur 4210 NYC Star Trek Meetup


For BHM starting:

FRIDAY 2/26, @ 7pm USS Gerard Holder Crew introduction & meet and greet starts at 7pm!!

Meet Starfleet Command's newest ship in the NYC area!( SFC is the oldest star trek fan group sanctioned by Gene Roddenberry), and is comprised of many ships both nationally and internationally!

OUR kickoff event will be a screening of "Far Beyond the Stars', Deep Space Nine, and roundtable discussion with local Top Black sci fi/ speculative/ fantasy writers! How has industry changed for Black writers then compared with now in terms of platforms to showcase their work, respect from the publishing industry and other topics)


SATURDAY, 2/27 - Starting 10:00am, Breakfast in the Ward Room!

Hang out with members of the USS Gerard Holder and chit chat/ ask questions about the ship, the con, and anything else!

11am Continue Breakfast with our Saturday morning cartoon fun featuring: Star Trek Lower Decks, & discussion of the Black Characters in this popular star trek animation series!

This will be followed by an afternoon of awesome panels:

*Salute to African American characters throughout the star trek Universe! Pictorial montage & roundtable discussion) 12pm - 1:45pm

*Real world Afronaunts! Star trek has always had a close relationship with NASA, and our Queen Nichelle Nichols was a pivotal influencer in bringing more People of Color & Women into the space program. We'll explore who some of these heroes are! (2pm - 2:20pm)

*Star Trek also follows a Naval/ Marine structure so let's talk about Pivotal moments in Black Naval/ Marine History! From the first Black Male Officers to the First Black Women 'Waves' and other 1st's from our generation! (2:20pm - 2:45pm)

*Real world use of science/ technology/ engineering! Panelists will speak on projects they have been involved in around the world has helped to improve the quality of life in poor Nations of Color! (3pm - 3:45pm)

*Stem & Life Lessons from Trekdom! (How lessons from Star Trek can be used to impact & Educate our youth! (Panelists will be Star trek fans who are educators, and are putting forth initiatives to get more black and brown kids involved in STEM)) (4pm - 4:30pm)

*Disco Discussion: Why we love Captain Burnham! (4:45pm - 5:15pm)

*Salute to Terraformers! (Trek fans who are amazing artists will showcase their works! Here's where we support our artists!) (5:30pm - 6:15pm)

*Salute to Black Star Trek Cosplayers doing outstanding Community Service !(We will showcase top Star Trek cosplayers who use their love for fandom to do awesome works of charity in their communities!) (6:30pm - 7:00pm)

*Risa after dark party on Twitch featuring Star Trek Virtual backgrounds! (one of New York's top DJ's will spin those tunes for all humanoids to groove too even Aliens with Tripods! (8pm - 9pm)



11:00am - Breakfast in the Ward Room! Hang out with the members of thr USS Gerard Holder and find out about our upcoming events & charity activities! Get ready for a fun afternooen of hot starfleet romances!

But first a word from our Chaplain!

11:30AM - STARFLEET MEDITATIONS (From our Chaplain & Morale Dept.) Using quotes from different episodes we will share words of encouragement and affirmation!

12:00pm - 5:00pm - Live Spoken Word Poetry celebrating Black Love will lead us into our annual Valentines screening mini marathon!


This Virtual event is Free but we are asking for a $5.00 donation for our winter clothes drive which will involve members of the USS Gerard Holder personally delivering coats and sweaters to various clothing drives/ shelters throughout the NYC area!

Eventbrite link : https://www.eventbrite.com/.../black-excellence-a-star...

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