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"Am I" by Just Jenus Art Justin Johnta Perry

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

"Am I"

by Just Jenus Art

Justin Johnta Perry

Am I a poet who has forgotten how to write?

Or do I just want to forget I can?

What I write... If I write... Why I write is to forget Anyway... Sometimes I forget that writing is how I remember Who I Am What I Am Why I am the way I Am Why I write "Am I a poet?" A poet? A poet! All poets have forgotten poems that were meant to be written Where did they go? Is it the same place I go? So I can be forgotten So I can forget? Forfeit the GIFT Forget I AM Gifted in the present Who I am is present with a presence Placed Poetically Positioned Prophetically What I am A poet Remembering How to Write Why I write "Am I"

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