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1st Friday Feb 2021 - Relaunch of "TheGeniusCorner"

Happy Friday! 1st Friday in Raleigh NC USA is a day for art! Its a day art in the local area is celebrated with events, gallery updates and new art showcases! For #BHM 2021 1st Friday I am relaunching my wordpress "The Genius Corner" https://justjenusartpress.wordpress.com/ The Genius Corner is a blog that I created where I research and focus on Black Art, Artists, History and Culture. The blog is a reflection of the mind of Jenus and his interest in learning more about the gift of art. What has been done, who did it, how they created, who is creating now, what is being done today, where art is going. and who is pushing art into the future. #ItsGeniusJustJenus

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