Events And Services

My Art is expressed in a multitude of areas. Please support All my talents.

Any inquiries or bookings please use CONTACT page.

Spoken Word and Poetry

In many ways, Spoken word was my first art love and art business. From St. Aug and the Falcon Poetry Club to "Pardon My Ashes" with Press Play Poetz, poetry has helped me travel across the world and my soul. Please follow @justjenusart on social media for my writings and upcoming events. 



Photography started as a way for me to capture images I would then draw and paint. I now consider Photography to apart of my skillset like drawing or painting. The shots I take become apart of my Art and I continue to be amazed by the world we live on.


Custom Clothes (Shoes, Coats etc.)

Is a canvas only paper or cotton? Is Art only hung on walls? No! Its nothing like wearing dope clothes especially custom designs and art!



Sip & Paint Parties

The Art industry is always evolving yet there are common ties in any time. Fellowship and creativity is a sacred time with family and friends. My Sip & Paints are fun! The vibe is chill and I am ready to teach and be taught by the artists involve. Also have Party Home Art Kits available to order!


Body Paint

Is a canvas only paper or cotton? Is Art only hung on walls? I very much enjoy creating art on the physical human body. Challenging my expertise and igniting my imagination on how to display. Body Painting is the newest expression when it comes to my art. #ItsGeniusJustJenus