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My name is Justin Perry. I am an artist born and raised in Person County or Roxboro, North Carolina. 
I now live in Raleigh, North Carolina where I work as a visual artist and poet.

I am Just Jenus Art. 
"Jenus" is pronounced Genius and represents my ability to create. 

As an artist I believe "In order to Create You, the universe you choose to live in is the universe you choose to create. Its Genius, Just Jenus." 
Creating "You" is life being what you want it to be and creating the elements to manifest and continue "You" in that life. 


My art is me seeking to manifest my dreams through my creations. I want to be able to create anything that I find and make it beautiful and educational for others. I work with pencil, markers, paint, spray cans, wood, metal, bone and I continue to add to my toolkit.  
I focus on portraits and figures with pencil, charcoal, ink and abstract painting with acrylics and watercolors.


I use various models for portraits and figures choosing images that I find pleasing and challenging. For my abstract acrylic paintings or watercolor pieces, it's about energy and using colors to express myself. 
I find mix media to be my next focus using digital art and illustration applications to enhance my creations and projects or creating new pieces. Using new technology in art is amazing and can create wonderful pieces that showcase talent across a variety of medians.


Creating Murals for public display and community engagement is a new discipline of art for me as well. Murals have always been a huge goal for me as an artist. I love graffiti culture and urban art is a big inspiration for my development.

Just Jenus Art mission is to increase positive images of black women and men and inspire people to see beauty in Art creation.
Overall, my passion is tied to my belief that my art does not belong to me and it is my purpose in life to create art for others. I want to create more and live my vision of art being a driving force in all areas of my life.


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